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Flight Gift Certificate

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Looking for a unique gift but you are not sure which flight to choose? Then you should probably buy a flight gift certificate. It will allow the presentee to choose from a variety of truly unique flight adventures – from a historic biplane scenic flight to a supersonic fighter jet ride. Simply choose one of our many fantastic offers in each category around the world.


The Adrenaline Experience Gift


You would like to give an unforgettable flight experience away but do not know which flight to choose? We’ve got the solution: A value gift certificate that can be used for all our flights. The lucky presentee can then choose one of our thrilling offers end enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Aviation Freaks and Adrenaline seekers

Our wide range of flight adventures includes:

  • Warbird rides
  • Biplane flights
  • Sporty aerobatics flights
  • Fighter jet flights
  • Supersonic flights
  • Sightseeing flights
  • Pleasure flights
  • Flight training
  • Fun flights
  • Scenic fligths

The presentee can easily redeem the voucher: The voucher can be used to get a free flight or price reduction on the GoAviator website – depending on the voucher value and the chosen flight adventure. So the process is as simple as that:

  • Choose a flight
  • Enter voucher code
  • Check out

And of course we are here to help if the presentee needs useful insights in the manifold options he can choose from.

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