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Votec Aerobatics

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After a powerful takeoff you`ll climb out to the area for aerobatic flights. On the way out you will be given the controls do some basic turns. Feel the sensivity of that aerobatics plane. Thereafter the pilot takes back the controls and starts with some basic aerobatic flying like slow and fast rolls (400 degrees per second), weightlessness and inverted flight. If you still feel good,  you’ll proceed to advanced maneuvres with up to +9 and -5 Gs such as Spins, Loops and Hammerheads and Cuban Eights.

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Enjoy a Votec322 aerobatic flight from the Front Seat<


About this Flight

It starts with an inspection of the plane. Take your time, make photos, let yourself be convinced of this extraordinary aircraft. The pilot will answer your questions. Then a detailed briefing will follow. Get your flying-suit, parachute and headset. Enter the plane on the front seat, make yourself comfortable. Have a seat in the front of this formula 1 carbon fiber cockpit: Seven seatbelts are tying you down in your bucket seat. Then, the pilot will introduce you to the cockpit as you’ll fly. The pilot will have a seat behind you, taxi the Votec to the runway. Take a deep breath. And the 350 horse power will pull you in to the sky.

More than an extreme aerobatics flight experience

After a powerful takeoff you`ll climb out to the area for aerobatic flights. On the way out you will be given the controls do some basic turns. Feel the sensivity of that aerobatics plane. Thereafter the pilot takes back the controls and starts with some basic aerobatic flying like:

  • Slow roll
  • Fast roll (400 degrees per second)
  • Inverted flight
  • Stall
  • Steep turns (up to 7G)
  • Zero gravity/Weightlessness

Advanced maneuvers follow if you still fell good (+9 and -5 G`s.)

  • Spins
  • Loops
  • Hammerheads
  • Reverses
  • Cuban eights
  • Shark tooth
  • Razor-flight
  • Snap rolls
  • English bunts
  • Outside loops

A very important point: The focus will be on you. You can direct what you want and how far you want to go. You can choose a pause between the figures and the Gs you want to pull. We want to deliver exactly what you are looking for. You can go through the program like a competition-pilot or fly the easy way. It`s all up to you. You’ll be in touch with the pilot at any time. Just tell him what you like. And please tell it early enough when you feel sick.
After landing, you’ll get a certificate with the Gs you had. But mainly you will take unique aerobatic flying impressions with you – for a very reasonable price.

Max Vogelsang and Votec

Max Vogelsang started his career as a carpenter in the factory of his father before discovering his affection to the aviation. He started as a glider pilot, went on with flying piston aircrafts. He wanted to realize itself as a craftsman in the aviation and began to build his first airplane. After that he restored some meaningful Swiss warbirds from World War II like the P-51 Mustang, the C36 and the Morane. He was not only the rebuilder but also the pilot of this spectacular aircraft. He shared the awesome appearance and the thrilling sound of his fighters with a lot of people on airshows. He made himself a name as one of the best pilots in this business. But he wanted always more… For him it was not enough to restore and fly his planes. He even want to construct them by him self.
So he startetd the project VOTEC (VOgelsang TEChnic) to create an unrivaled aerobatic plane in the size of an Extra 300. But it should by lighter, more agil and more powerful than any other aircraft in its class. He used the most modern aircraft design and the best and lightest material like carbon fiber, kevlar and alloy. The construction of the Votec is enormous. One of the most important points in the development of an aircraft is the strength of the wing. Max mounted one of his first wings in a hydraulic press and started to bend the wing. And the result was incredible. The first signs of material fatigue started at 26G! But the wing didn`t break. Operational safety limits are +/- 10G. The performance of that very fast plane proved phenomenal. A huge acceleration throughout all phases of flight. Very precise control guidance. 400 degrees rate of roll in a second. And a very good ability to all kind of spins.
The Votec322 has get a name beyond Swiss boarders. It always gained first rankings at aerobatic championships.

Where does this take off from?

Birrfeld, Switzerland

Extreme Aerobatics Experience

The Votec was built for extreme aeroabtics – and that’s what you’ll get!

Due to the extremely aerobatics-focused flight outline, Adrenaline is guaranteed!

You’ll have the opportunity to control the aircraft by yourself.

Unlike in most of the other aircraft, you’ll be seated right in the front seat.

Flight scheduling is easy and straightforward with only little bureaucracy involved.

Flight Characteristics (Edge of Space)




To decrease the risk of bad weather, we recommend to take this flight between April and October.

If you’re not used to high G-Forces, 20 minutes is the recommended flight time. Advanced flyers or sportsmen might want to choose 30 minutes.

Absolutely! Your friends and family are invited to share the joy and get their part of this unique experience. To keep distortion to a minimum, the maximum group size is 4 (can be increased upon request)

Before and after the flight, you’re allowed to take as many videos and photos as you wish. During the flight, the in-flight cameras can be used to create a video. If you’re interested in an in-flight video, ensure to purchase it along with your flight order (at the time of completing your purchase, the system will recommend the video to you)

From arrival to the airfield until departure, you can expcet approx. 2 hours.


Client Quote

Thrilling! Up to 7.5g and -4g during the Votec flight! Indescribably agile, it’s great fun to fly and very easy to control. The plane reacts fast and sensitive to even the smallest movement of the controlling hand. The plane itself is a high tech beauty made of composite. Max Vogelsang is a genius.
Peter Lucerne, Switzerland


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