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PC-7 Military Trainer

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The Pilatus PC-7 military trainer flight in Switzerland is thrilling. The racy speed, the aerobatics and the breathtaking Swiss mountainous landscape offer a unique combination – at a very moderate price. You’ll enjoy this flight very much, and you can even control the PC-7 a lot during the flight. The focus of your flight profile will be discussed during the briefing before the flight. Your pilot will make sure that you get what you are looking for.

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Flight in a Swiss-Made Military Training Aircraft


About this Flight

Apart from the Hawker Hunter Flight in the Mountains and the Yak-9 Warbird Ride, we are arranging yet another thrilling speed and aerobatics experience in a Military Aircraft in the unbeatable beauty of the Swiss Alps.
The flight route will be based on one-of-a-kind flight routes suggested by the pilot and further customized by your preferences. For example, you could fly through fantastic valleys and around the famous Matterhorn. And of course you can do a lot of aerobatics and military light attacks flight. No matter if you are looking for a rather quiet flight or a wild ride including heavy aerobatics: the PC-7 can deliver both. The pilots are members of an aerobatics display team flying with Pilatus Military trainers. So on summer weekends the members are often busy flying a fantastic display at airshows.


The Pilatus PC-7 Military Training Aircraft Flight

The Swiss made Pilatus PC-7 Military Training Aircraft is based on the Pilatus P-3. The Pilatus PC-7 was used in combat for close air support missions in the Iraq-Iran War, by the Mexican Air Force and Chad against rebels. Sometimes it was delivered as training aircraft only and operators illegally upgraded the training aircraft for combat use. Today the PC-7 is in service with more than 20 Air Forces around the world and on all continents, with Australia suing the PC-9 variant. A total of around 500 PC-7 have been produced.
The PC-7 has a never exceed speed of 500km/h or 270 knots. Flights speed is between 200 and 270 knots. Its successors are the Pilatus PC-9 and the new PC-21 advanced military trainer. The PC-21 has a top speed of 685 km/h or 370 knots and allows that military pilots fly directly with the Fighter Jet without a military jet trainer between. The Swiss Air Force pilots now go from the PC-21 directly to the F/A-18 Hornet, without the BAE Hawk in between. According to the Swiss Air Force instructors, the result is very convincing and the cost is much lower with the new concept.

PC-7 aerobatics includes:

  • Loopings
  • Turns
  • Immelman
  • Split-S
  • Rolls
  • Inverted flying
  • Spins

Where does this take off from?

Ambri, Switzerland

Top 5 Reasons for this Flight

Flights in the PC-7 take place in the Swiss Alps and can include highlights such as a flight around the famous Matterhorn.

You’ll be flying with a member of the famous PC-7 display team.

The PC-7 allows for advanced aerobatics. So if this is your thing, this is your plane!

The lower fuel consumption of a PC-7 as compared to a jet has a direct impact on the flight price. Despite Switzerland’s general high price level, the PC-7 flight can be made available for an attractive price.

Flights in PC-7 are rarely available, and this is your chance.

Flight Characteristics




To decrease the risk of bad weather, we recommend to take this flight between April and October.

30 Minutes is the recommended flight time.

Absolutely! Your friends and family are invited to share the joy and get their part of this unique experience. To keep distortion to a minimum, the maximum group size is 4 (can be increased upon request)

Before and after the flight, you’re allowed to take as many videos and photos as you wish. During the flight, the in-flight cameras can be used to create a video. If you’re interested in an in-flight video, ensure to purchase it along with your flight order (at the time of completing your purchase, the system will recommend the video to you)

From arrival to the airfield until departure, you can expcet approx. 3h.


Client Quote

This very powerful Swiss made military trainer aircraft is perfect for the provided mix of aerobatics and Alpine sightseeing flight. I felt well prepared and safe. Very professional and friendly crew.
Franz Zug, Switzerland

The Swiss Air Force PC-7 Team: Flying Diamond (Trailer)



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