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Yak-9 Soviet Warbird

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The Yak-9 is one of the most produced fighter aircraft and a true WWII Warbird legend. You’ll fly this beautiful and incredibly powerful prop Warbird over the stunning beauty of the Swiss Alpine landscape. A very attractive combination.

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Fly a famous Soviet Warbird in Switzerland

About this Flight

Switzerland offers the possibility to fly Warbirds – As this small country managed to dodge WWI and WWII the scene is comparably small and lacks legends like the P-51 Mustang or the Supermarine Spitfire. Switzerland built its own military aircraft, for example the C36 flight in Switzerland and even tried to build an own jet fighter. Also, Switzerland purchased some P-51 Mustang after WWII.
Nevertheless, Switzerland has a lot to offer for people interested in Warbird Rides and even offers flights in the former Switzerland Air Force Hawker Hunter.
With the Yakovlev Yak-9 we offer a very powerful WWII Warbird for rides. The Yak-9 has a maximum speed of nearly 700km/h – a lot for a prop aircraft! It is even faster than many jet-powered aircraft. Starting in Sion in the famous Swiss mountains you’ll have a very enjoyable ride in a Warbird. According to your preferences you’ll hunt around mountains and through narrow valleys at high speed or do some aerobatics and enjoy G-Forces. It’s really up to you, just let your Warbird pilot know what you prefer! The feeling in such a classic warbird is an amazing experience that words cannot adequately describe. The smell, the crackling sound, the incredible power – an adventure joy flight of a lifetime. And all this in a unique landscape.
The space on the Yak-9 back seat is a bit limited. Tall an heavy customer – please contact us first to see if you qualify for the Yak-9 Warbird Ride.

Yak-9 – One of the most mass-produced Soviet Fighter Aircraft of all time

The Yakovlev Yak-9 is a Soviet WWII Warbird. It was built in very large numbers. With 16,769 units produced between 1942 and 1948, the Yak-9 was one of the most mass-produced fighter aircraft made in Soviet Union. The Yak-9 profited from the combat experience of the Yak-7 fighter aircraft. The main focus of this fighter aircraft was on speed. The Yak-9 has a top speed very close to the P-51 Mustang which is famous for it’s very strong engine and its top speed.

Where does this take off from?

Sion, Switzerland

Classic WW II Warbird Experience

The YAK-9 is the classic Soviet warbird of the World War 2 Era

YAK-9s have seen the battlefields of Stalingrad, Smolensk, Rouen, Le Havre, Cherbourg, Caen and others. You, however, will enjoy a flight over Switzerland’s mountains, creeks, villages and meadows.

The Yak-9 is well-suited to perform aerobatics. Discuss with your pilot what you’d like to do!

Next to the P-51D Mustang, this is the warbird with the most powerful engine.

You’ll be flying with very experienced pilots, making sure this event is both thrilling and safe.

Flight Characteristics (Edge of Space)




To decrease the risk of bad weather, we recommend to take this flight between April and October.

30 Minutes is the recommended flight time.

Absolutely! Your friends and family are invited to share the joy and get their part of this unique experience. To keep distortion to a minimum, the maximum group size is 4 (can be increased upon request)

Before and after the flight, you’re allowed to take as many videos and photos as you wish. During the flight, the in-flight cameras can be used to create a video. If you’re interested in an in-flight video, ensure to purchase it along with your flight order (at the time of completing your purchase, the system will recommend the video to you)

From arrival to the airfield until departure, you can expcet approx. 3 hours.


Client Quote

What an incredible historic airplane – Shape, sound, flight experience… AAA+
Marco Olten, Switzerland




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