Why a Fighter Jet or Warbird Flight might be the Gift You’re Looking for

Regularly, we receive inquiries from ladies seeking a perfect gift for their fiancé, wives to present something unique to their husbands or proud dads looking for a special gift to their son for birthday or graduation. We have done a little survey to find out more about the presentees and the reasons why a jet flight was presented.

Defining the typical civilian jet fighter flight “passenger”

First, we have asked clients who purchased a jet flight as a gift to describe the presentee.
Second, after the flight, we asked clients who have received a flight as present two questions:

  • How happy were you to receive a jet flight as present?
  • How much did you like the experience?

Answers could be given on a scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best)

Here’s what civilians flying jet fighters have in common

  • Among top descriptions of jet fighter flight gift recipients were the adjectives “great”, “self-dependent”, “leader”, “athletic”, “caring”, “mature”, “ambitious” and “inspiring”
  • “How happy were you to receive a jet flight as a present” scored with an average of 9.7
  • “How much did you like the experience” was rated straight 10 out of 10!
BBC crew photo
One of the interviewed jet fighter pilots

Do these Qualities also apply to your fiancée, husband, wife, son or daughter?

If you believe someone in your family who deserves a present is great, self-dependent, a leader, athletic, caring, mature, ambitious and/or inspiring, a flight in a fighter jet might be just about the best gift you can choose. Luckily, such flights are readily available to book online. Directly after booking, you will receive a downloadable, personalized flight voucher to present to the happy presentee. To learn more about the flights or directly purchase one, follow one of these links: