Hawker Hunter Jet


The Hawker Hunter is a legend in Switzerland – No other Air Force operated this plane for so long – The Cold War was over, 4th generation Fighter Jets were active with many air forces – but Switzerland still operated the upgraded subsonic Hawker Hunter. And they did not stop before 1994. Today the Hunter has a huge fan community here. And thanks to this, many Hunters were not scrapped after service, but associations started to operate it. It wasn't a problem to find highly motivated mechanics and pilots to operate the planes. And there are still original Alpine air bases available to start from!

The experience is unique: wonderful view as you sit next to the pilot, not behind him. Incredible Alpine valley runs, low level flying over famous glaciers and mountain tops. These pilots know the landscape from active Air Force times and they've accumulated countless flight hours. Their passion for flying this beast hasn't declined a bit – you will feel this first-hand!